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Hola! soy Meri, producer de una productora, amiga, hija, socia y nueva amante de las cosas ” homemade ” y  del famoso ” do it yourself “. Este blog ha sido creado para almacenar todo aquello que me inspira, que me gusta, que me divierte, y sobretodo compartir todas aquellas cosas que hago y que me apetece compartir. Espero que os guste y lo disfruteis igual que yo.






I´m Meri. I live in Barcelona. I´m producer of a production company, friend, daughter, partner and lover of homemade things and do it yourself.  This blog was created to share things that inspire me, that I like, that I’m interested in, or simply funny & smart stuff… In everything that you see here, there´s a whole world of small things that are able to become new trends, life styles, ways to speak, to do, to see, to think…

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